10 Homophobic Homosexuals: The Faces of Hypocrisy

homophobic homosexuals Homophobia is of the largest displays of homosexuality to date. It isn’t surprising at all when we find out that someone who has had some objectionable things to say has been found deep in the mix of some gay shit. From politicians to celebrities to regular Joe Blow down the street, the pattern isn’t hard to recognize. Since the dawn of time hypocrisy regarding homosexuality has pervaded society. The hate for the gay community is real, but when those in power shun us publicly yet fetishize us after hours in private, it’s a real slap in the face and is extremely problematic. I decided that we would take a journey through the men who have publicly denounced homosexuality and voted in opposition only to be pried out of the closet to bear the shame of their lies and face the reality they’d been suppressing.



  1. Paul Babeu

As the Pinal County Sherriff, Paul Babeau was a rising star in the Arizona political landscape. That was until it was reported he threatened an ex-boyfriend with deportation back to Mexico. It cost him his congressional bid and his role as Arizona co-chair to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. The embarrassment didn’t stop there because he was later found to have employed abusive disciplinary practices while running a private school in Massachusetts during the late 90s.

Recently, he attempted his hand at politics again when he ran for Arizona’s first congressional district, but was defeated in the general election by Democrat Tom O’Halleran. I guess that’s just karma showing up to keep him in the political closet and out of the way…




  1. Robert Bauman

During his time as a congressman in Maryland, Bauman was adamant about the collapse of American morality and founded several conservative organizations to push his narrative, including the Young Americans for Freedom and the American Conservative Union.

You can imagine the shock waves that hit in 1980 when he was arrested for attempting to solicit sex from a 16 year old prostitute. He cited alcohol as the culprit in the incident for his loss of discretion, but lost reelection to Democrat Roy Dyson who wasn’t even taken serious for the seat. Goes to show you that when you live in the dark, the light will eventually shine on you and your secrets!



  1. Mark Foley

Mark Foley was a Republican congressman from 1995 until 2006 and even voted for the Defense of Marriage Act. Soon after it came to light that he had been sexting with two male pages (age 16 and 18), and began having sex with them when they became legal.

Foley denied he ”ever had inappropriate sexual contact with a minor in his life”, but, to no shock at all, his career in Republican politics was over. Foley was somewhat off the map until he was spotted supporting Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election… not many surprises there.


  1. Chris Meyers

In 2011, the married Republican mayor of Medford, New Jersey, was accused of having sex with a male prostitute in a California hotel by the escort. Meyers paid him $500, but didn’t follow through on the promise of cars and other miscellaneous gifts leading to the outing. The pro-life, anti-marriage equality politician stonewalled for some time before eventually resigning.

He didn’t even dare mention the controversy in his resignation letter citing, “my work commitments will not allow me to devote the time that is needed in the months ahead.” Ironically, he was relieved of his position at Lockheed Martin shortly after.




  1. Phil Hinkle

As a member of the Indiana House of Representatives, Hinkle was a great advocate for banning same-sex marriage. However, his anti-gay sentiments didn’t stop him from calling up an 18 year old male he met on Craigslist to come to his hotel room.


When the young man attempted to change his mind about the encounter, Hinkle offered to pay him off, but word got out. He refused to admit his homosexuality and chose to not seek reelection. He said that he didn’t know what was going through his mind and he didn’t know why he did what he did… We know what he was thinking and what he was doing.




  1. Steve Wiles

In 2014, Republican Senate candidate, Steve Wiles, campaigned heavily on his support for Nort Carolina’s same-sex marriage ban. However, many were surprised to find that Wiles had performed as Miss Mona Sinclair at a drag club in Winston-Salem. It also turns out that he was a promoter for the 2011 Miss Gay America Pageant.

Talk about some wild shit? This is definitely it.






  1. Edward L. Schrock

In 2004, two-term Virginia congressman resigned after voicemails were recovered from a gay phone sex hotline. The 63 year old republican, who is a well-known opponent of LGBT rights, didn’t address the accusations during his resignation. He simply stated that the issues that had risen wouldn’t allow him to focus on the real issues facing the nation and his region.


LGBT activist Mike Rogers, who published the clip on his blog and told the Huffington Post he hoped to expose the hypocrisy of Schrock’s secret gay life. Rogers inquired, “Why would my community protect him? He’s the enemy.” An excellent point! When you have these bigoted views in politics you definitely run the risk of impeding on the rights of LGBT citizens everywhere. Thank goodness for people like Mike Rogers!





  1. Jon Hinson

In 1980, this Mississippi congressman’s re-election campaign was dampered when he admitted that he was arrested for exposing himself to an undercover cop at the Iwo Jima Memorial in 1976, but blamed it on alcohol and anything else other than just being gay.

Then, in 1981, he was arrested again for engaging in oral sex in a bathroom in the House of Representatives with a Library of Congress clerk that was a decade younger than he. He resigned from congress soon after citing his actions as a response to personal turmoil. He eventually came out as gay and spent the rest of his life as a gay rights activist until he died at the age of 53 from respiratory failure stemming from AIDS.



  1. Ralph Shortey

Oklahoma state senator Ralph Shortey was an early supporter of President Trump and even served as a coordinator for his campaign in Oklahoma. However, in March 2017, Shortey (a married man) was caught in a motel room with a 17 year old boy he offered money to for sex.

The boys father called police and Shortey was arrested. An FBI investigation uncovered further misconduct as Shortey had contacted several other young men on Craigslist to send and receive pornography. He pleaded guilty to a child-sex trafficking charge, but no charges were filed in relation to the child pornography. As of September 2018, he is serving 15 years on those charges. Though it was his biggest disgrace, it was intensified by the fact the bust was caught on video. Gots to be more careful!





  1. Wes Goodman

In November 2017, Wes Goodman, a republican from Ohio, resigned from the House of Representatives after accusations were brought forth about him having sex with another man in his office. As a married “family values” politician, he claimed “healthy, vibrant, thriving, values-driven families are the source of Ohio’s proud history.” Seems like it was a tradition he wasn’t able to uphold.

Goodman was known to tout religious liberty and voted to repeal Obamacare in Ohio. This is also the same man who pioneered a bill, “Enact Campus Free Speech Act”, to ensure speakers were allowed to speak on college campuses regardless of how odious their perspective.

The rumors about his homosexuality had been getting around for years. In 2016 Goodman was accused of inappropriately touching an 18 year old at a fundraiser he was attending. He allegedly forced the teen to visit him at his hotel and share the bed with him. The man reported waking up in the middle of the night to find Goodman pulling his zipper down which prompted him to leave the room at 4am upset about the ordeal. Hmmm, closeted sexual harassment in open spaces seems pretty bold. Hopefully he is living in his obvious truth now less problematically.


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