Independence Gay Reflection: 3 Changes in Gay Rights and Liberties

“We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal…” These are the opening words to the Declaration of Independence that started America. On this day 242 years ago, our founding fathers claimed that everyone was eligible for equal protection of the law, but at the time, there was still slavery and gays were still limited to the closeted lifestyles they’d built for themselves. Today, there are plenty of rights granted to disenfranchised groups of people that didn’t exist for them at the signing of the document we celebrate today. However, there is plenty of work to still be done in regard to gay equality and relations. Instead of focusing on what still needs to be done, let’s celebrate the top gay rights improvements since the Declaration of Independence was signed.


3. Ability to Speak Openly

Just 30 years ago, many people wouldn’t dare speak up about their sexuality if it wasn’t heteronormative. In regard to gay and lesbian growth, there have been a number of famous personalities that have emerged over this time that pushed the acceptance agenda forward. No longer are gay men and women subject to lives hidden from the rest of the world, nor is nearly as much stigma in media surrounding gay culture present. Living in your truth is the bravest and realest thing you could ever do, and in today’s society, so many people are taking that leap. It must be exalted that it takes much strength to lead a life that is subject to much scrutiny, but having the ability to speak openly makes the load easier to bear.



2. More Mainstream Representation

Even mass media has embraced gays in a manner unknown to previous generations. There was a time when no gay characters flooded your TV screen, but now there are plenty of characters as well as a number of storylines that center around gay life and ideas. It is a beautiful thing to consume media that incorporates you and the life you live. Art is an imitation of life, and to shun a portion of society that is ever present would be disrespectful to the essence of art forms from books to the big screen. Seeing the evolution of gay representation on TV was a distant dream of those who pioneered before us to have simple acknowledgement in the real world, but to have mainstream representation in TV and film is definitely an epic feat.



1. Our Voices are Represented

It wasn’t long ago many of our LGBT brothers and sisters who provide content for their audiences found themselves silenced by YouTube and other services that suppressed their messages. Not only is this counterproductive to the ultimate goal of equality and unity, but it doesn’t gives a safe place to a group of people who need it most. In 2018, GayHub set out to ensure that these voices weren’t stifled anymore! We take the true pledge to not only cherish the voice of LGBT personalities, but to give them a new life where they are fully accepted. It’s important that we maintain a place of refuge for our own and that’s what Gayhub is all about. The time for limiting our portion is coming to an end. #TimesUp

There’s a lot to celebrate in regard to freedom and liberties, but let us not forget that there is much work to be done. Gayhub is hoping to solve one aspect of LGBT segregation in regard to content stifling policies that are discriminatory. Comment on this post with your name and a rainbow flag to support the mission of granting equality to all men and women, black or white, be they straight, bi, gay, or transgender. The truth is self-evident that all men ARE created equal!

Kristopher Welcome

Kris Welcome is a writer based in Los Angeles, CA. Currently, he serves as a copywriter where he manages several blogs, including Pics Of Men, Gay Hub, and Big Cam Tube. Kris is from Texas and has lived in California since 2014. Mr. Welcome has been a writer as long as he can remember and has worked to derive a writing style that's versatile and rounded, but still reflective of one voice. Kris has a BA in Communication with minor concentration in journalism from Texas Southern University and a MFA in Producing for TV/Film from New York Film Academy-Burbank. He has written for The Voice of Southwest Louisiana, BallerAlert, and Curb Networks, among others. Soul food enthusiast. Southern gentleman. Beach bum. Pisces. Guy with the Afro.

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