Why We Should All Fuck An Older Man Tonight!

nervous kareem abdul jabbar GIFSoooo you’re thinking about fucking that older man that keeps asking you out, huh? A little nervous about it? Don’t know what to expect? Having second thoughts? There is nothing to be worried about! It will be fine and just might change your outlook on sexuality and what age really means for our sex lives!


When you’re sick would you rather go to a doctor who has seen very few patients or someone who has more experience and a proven track record at fixing problems? Probably more experience. Why not look at sex the same? When I say older men I’m not necessarily talking about you hopping on the Anna Nicole train, but a man a couple decades your senior. I’m 26 so if I sleep with someone 45 and older, for me, that is an older man… and I have a few times. The experience was nothing like you see on screen and can be enlightening in more ways than one.


1.) Older men pay more attention to detail


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Once you’ve left your young adult years, you’re more likely to have come to terms with sex as a two sided pleasure vehicle (or however many sides your boat may have.) No more fucking just to catch your nut and head out, but a more sensual experience that lingers long after you’ve left the sheets can be expected after you’ve let an older gentleman take you to Pleasure Peak. My first older guy experience was my sophomore year in college with “Charlie” who was always so charming and generous (and yes, sometimes that type of generous, too.) The experience was life changing in a way. I had been having sex for 4 years by this time, and never had someone been so attentive to what I wanted, needed, and desired as they simultaneously used my body as their escape. The reciprocity that comes from an older man is like no other.


2.) When the dick fails, the mouth and hands pick up!


season 3 flirting GIF by Broad CityIt’s no secret that as men get older many of us will experience some functions slow their rate of efficiency from your shoulders and knees all the way to your dick. Erectile dysfunction is a real issue for many men, but an older man will not let you skip a chance to cum in his presence. After decades of sex, you know what it takes to bring the most out of your partner. You know how you should kiss, lick, rub, caress, and tease the body of someone in your bed. No, I’m not saying that when you’ve fucked one you’ve fucked all, but after some time and encountering different people, you learn things that you can take with you on your sexual journey. No, not all older men are good fucks and get it. There are some people who will never master sex, and that is fine, but doesn’t make them unworthy of companionship.


I will never forget when I’d fucked with “Mike” who was 47 at the time (I was 22.) He wanted me as bad as he wanted his next breath to escape his lungs, but his body wasn’t allowing him to take me. That’s when he devoured my ass as if it was the last molecule of water on the desert plain and he was stranded for two weeks. I could feel my soul jumping from under my skin trying to run from his embrace. The way he played with my nipples, covered me in kisses, sucked me, and then ate me some more is a memory I’ll never forget. It’s older men who will teach you about sensuality because when there isn’t sex, there is always intimate sensuality to fall back on—in your 20s this isn’t something you’re placing value on, but Mike woke me right on up!


3.) They’re Usually More Available


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In your 20s and 30s you are busy working on solidifying your place in the world. You’re career focused and that takes up much of your time, especially when you’re an American in a work, work, work, work, work environment like Rihanna (cues music.) Once you reach your 40s and 50s you’re more grounded in what it is that you do and are confident in that role so the pressure to excel isn’t as crucial as we experience in the youthful days of our career. There isn’t much of the back and forth you’ve grown accustomed to with younger guys who make and break plans—if they ever had real plans to begin with. An older man is going to be more straightforward, honest, and be considerate of your time if you do the same in return. The reciprocation of warmth and affection between an older man and his younger beau can be something magical if you give it the space to thrive.





4.) They’re Old-Fashioned Daters


gentleman GIFOlder men are definitely more generous like traditional men. An older man is more likely to pay for a meal, a date, some bills, send just because gifts, and just make sure you are overall taken care of. It doesn’t have to be in that creepy Donald Trump “you remind me of my kid” type of situation, but just a sign of appreciation that so many in our generation just don’t seem to grasp. I’m originally from Texas and the dating landscape is different. I’ve rarely paid for a date, but when I moved to California things were more split between both parties (I attribute it to the values and the cost of living.) One thing has remained constant, however, in that older men still have the desire to show they are providers and have your back. Among all other things, this is most important in a partner of any kind whether you’re fucking, opening a business, or blossoming a new relationship, you just need that assurance. And it isn’t that I don’t have the means to contribute, or that I don’t do it at all, but just knowing it isn’t required is soothing.




speed it up running GIF by NBCDon’t let society shame you for wanting to take a spin on some aged cock. Aside from getting the juices to flow for you, it can open your mind to new things and reassert your understanding of just how much times have changed on the dating landscape. Be appreciated for all that you do in your relationships. Let someone not only tell you the love you, but SHOW you they love you. Don’t let the taboo and stigmas of dating older men stop you from experiencing a new style of man than you’re probably accustomed to! There is a new day on the horizon! Seize it and saddle up for a ride on the Daddy Express! HURRY UP! GO!

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