Gold-Medal Worthy Pick Up Lines with 10 Stripped-Down Team USA Hotties

We all know that Team USA athletes competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics are friggin talented. You don’t make it to the winter Olympics just based on good looks right? Right. But truth be told, these team USA hotties have a lot more than just talent disguised under those skin tight red white and blue uniforms. Talk about pex, biceps and quadriceps! I knew speed skating and snowboarding were taxing sports, but I never realized how sculpted these guys’ bodies were underneath all those flying colors. But obviously these athletes need fly bodies if they are going to fly on the snow and ice 😉 asked 10 team USA hotties for a stripped-down performance of them rolling out gold-medal worthy pick-up lines. And boy! Do these sculpted hotties really get the blood flowing! “Hey baby I’ve got a real big snowboard” takes on a whole new meaning coming out of the mouth of chiseled hunk Hagen Kearney, 2018 snowboarding Olympian. I bet he has a HUGE snowboard and I wanna see it.

Alpine-skiing Travis Ganong really helps put the ‘O’ in my Olympics when he unzips his skin tight body suit, reminding me a lot of a sexy kinky latex body suit. The way it peels off of his skin to reveal a thick luscious torso just pushes me over the edge. I wonder if he’s ever done the dirty in that suit. I wonder how many cum stains aren’t visible to the naked eye 😉 I know I’d want him to fuck me wearing that hot ass suit.

The most exciting part of the video is when speed skater Joey Mantia reveals his gigantic quads. His quads are at least double the size of mine. He is the only athlete in the video to reveal his legs, and we can see why. He could easily crush a fucking watermelon. In fact, he makes the idea of a guy crushing a watermelon with his legs fucking tantalizing. The power behind those legs and the thought of him pounding me out from behind provides a very nice fantasy for my spank bank later. Who knew Olympic athletes had such sex appeal? Skilled and sexy? Sounds like a win-win for all of us.

So as you’re watching and enjoying the 2018 winter Olympic festivities, be sure to appreciate all of the work these athletes do to turn their bodies into skilled machines. They often get recognized for their amazing Olympic talents, but how often do we applaud them for their hot bodies in general? NOT ENOUGH! Shout out to these sexy guys representing team USA. They inspire all of us with not only their incredible talents, but also with their statuesque figures!

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