“Into the Dark: Midnight Kiss” Director Carter Smith Dishes on Gay Slasher, “These Are Human Stories”

We have reached the final day of 2019- so what better way to celebrate than with a gay slasher?!

The latest episode of “Into the Dark” called “Midnight Kiss” is now available on Hulu. The film revolves around a group of friends played by Augustus Prew, Scott Evans, Lukas Cage, Chester Lockhart and Ayden Mayeri who celebrate New Year’s Eve at a vacation house where they play a game called Midnight Kiss. It’s a good time as the group gossips and celebrates each other’s new steps in their relationships. But the drama unfolds with old grudges, rocky romances and desperate desires for things to be different. Oh, and there’s a psycho killer on the loose out for blood.

In an exclusive interview with director Carter Smith, we learned some fun facts about Midnight Kiss, including what kind of message he wanted to share. With so many gay characters as side men, he wanted to show that gay characters can be the star.

“We kind of felt like this is a movie we wish we had had as young queer kids who liked horror movies,” Smith said. “We’re the sidekick, we’re the assistant, we’re the comic relief. It’s really a story that I felt like hasn’t really been told.”

Audiences are in for some deliciously fun scenes with hot guy ass in the shower and sexy nightclub banging. These characters know how to keep the heat alive as they party the night away and Carter does a splendid job showing how gay men end their night of partying with sexy strangers. Except it usually doesn’t end with someone in the group picking off their friends by slashing their throats.

One might assume this would just be a silly torture-porn considering all the sexual tension and the horrifying ways everyone gets hacked off. But this story goes beyond shallow; there are lots of tears, heartbreak and serious cases of depression as each character has his or her own story to share.

“No one is killing for fun. These characters are wounded and they’re dealing with baggage,” Smith said. “One of the most interesting things an audience member has said to me after watching the film was, ‘we wanted to hate them, but I couldn’t because I identified with them.’ That’s more interesting than just having a crazed killer that’s just running around killing people for some reason.”

After creating this film, Smith also discovered that there are a lot of gay horror fans. But this film speaks out to more than just gay men since the issues these characters deal with can connect to anyone who’s been through a tragic time.

“It’s not just a gay audience, these are human stories. Everyone can relate to a bad, annoying ex who likes to control everything. Everyone can relate to the straight girlfriend. These are all things that are not exclusively gay,” Smith said.

To ring in the new year, Smith suggested that this film would be a blast when you’re with friends since everyone will have something to say about it.

“It’s really fun to watch in a group. I hope that people end up watching it that way. There’s something really fun about how these storylines unfold when you’re in a group,” he said.

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