King Amiyah’s Best Life

amiyah scott ariel GIFLately, we have been hearing a lot about people living their best lives. Every day we awaken and have the activity of our limbs, we should set out to do the things that make us happy and give us joy. However, we may not be able to give ourselves the luxuries we feel may fulfill us at our favorite celebrities’ level of best life living, but there are still ways to achieve happiness in your life. Amiyah Scott has been our fave for quite some time now, and now that she is everyone else’s fave, it seems that her best life ritual is becoming a lifestyle of some sorts. There is no way to describe the joy in watching someone work their way up from nothing to having the life you read about in books that gives you all the feels. Let’s take a moment to enjoy King Amiyah and her new quest of fame, stardom, and bad bitchness.


  1. She’s on a TV show!

lee daniels cotton GIF by STARThe days of trans stars being last fiddle for entertainment jobs outside of the ballroom scene are slowly fading. There are a number of trans women representing the community in non-stereotypical representations. Lee Daniels took the leap to create Scott’s character, Cotton, to highlight the struggle and glory in living a trans life. Amiyah plays the role so well and delivers her performance in the most cunt fashion—a simple reminder of why we stan her!  Catching her weekly performance on the show has become church in a sense that I’m making sure I’m tuned in weekly to support a bad bitch, honey. She is living her dreams and the presence on the show alone makes her the envy of many.


  1. She’s Surrounded by Stars

star on fox cotton GIF by STARPatti LaBelle, Queen Latifah, Lee Daniels, and many other stars are now all over the starlet’s social media and scattered in her photos. It’s not hard to see the change in lifestyle over the past couple of years. The rising star has an infectious personality so she is definitely getting the chance to woo them with her charm and classy demeanor. Amiyah may be trans, but she is one of the classiest women the community has put out to the world. Although we always knew she was a star, it is amazing that the world is recognizing her star power as well.


  1. Her Fashions Have Intensified

amiyah scott GIFDon’t get me wrong… A bitch has been bad! It’s just that now her slays are more brutal than before. From the flawless beats we are accustomed to, down to the gowns that accentuate her lovely frame, all the way to the bad ass heel game she has come up on. We are living for this bad bitch! Coming into a new tax bracket looks damn good on people, but no one has made it seem so effortless like Amiyah has. She has simply transcended to another dimension and made it seem as though she didn’t even have to leave the room to do it! She has the potential to become a household name in fashion by the way she has been styling and profiling. I’m so here for all she brings to the table.


  1. The Scenery Surrounding her is Lit… All the Time!

Amiyah has been jumping from infinity pools to large, exotic bodies of water like the mermaid she is. It seems as though living a life of freedom and truth is doing her justice as this photo from her Instagram details! It wouldn’t be a good week if we didn’t get a chance to see Amiyah’s body in a beautiful bikini that showed off those perfect titties and that tiny waist. Jetsetting and pool hopping is just another day in the life of our favorite trans star, Amiyah Scott. Nothing shows that a girl is living like drinking cocktails poolside and taking your friends along. The growth is impressive and once again, bitch, I’m here for it, her, and all that comes with it.



fox broadcasting lol GIF by STARSeeing Amiyah transcend to another level of fame and fortune brings great joy to not only those who have followed her, but those who are living a life where others may be telling them they aren’t “worthy”. People who live alternative lifestyles are always feeling boxed in with what society ‘allows’ them to do and what capacities they are useful in. The 21st century is offering all of us options in how we take control of our lives. Trans women are getting the conversation started every day about how they’re demanding to be treated and holding those around them accountable. That is admirable and we all seek to learn something from the women who fight fearlessly every day to make sure they are demanding their worth be reverenced. I know that I’m damn sure inspired by Bad Bitch Amiyah, and I won’t stop until I’m living my best life day in and day out just as she is. Hats off to her and may the blessings of eternal happiness and success follow her wherever she may go!

Kristopher Welcome

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