Wesley Woods Attacked in WeHo Hate Crime

It’s a sad shame that even in spaces where member of the LGBT community are supposed to feel safe, they are still ridiculed, abused, and killed. It would seem as though we have come such a long way from the times where people were victimized for factors beyond their control, but here we are today still finding situations where something as simple as someone’s sexuality is putting a threat to their livelihood. One of our Gaylebrities, Wesley Woods, was in West Hollywood, CA (WeHo) when he was attacked by three straight men while out with his best friend. Wesley took to his social media to bring light to not only his situation, but the prevalence of these instances for LGBT people all over the world.

For those unfamiliar, WeHo is an area of Los Angeles that is known to house the most gay friendly atmosphere and environment. Reminiscent of the infiltration of black neighborhoods by white supremacist during Civil Rights, straight people coming into gay spaces to cause harm is just as reprehensible and deplorable.

Advocate.com reported that in 2017 there was an alarming increase in the amount of hate-related homicides of LGBT and HIV infected people with the number rising 86% from the year before retrieved from a report released by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs.  In the 20 years that the coalition has taken count of these statistics, this is the highest recorded number showing that we may not be as close to a tolerant society as we thought.

In a video posted to Wesley’s twitter feed, he used his platform to raise awareness that we still must be vigilant in our right to simply be. Seeing Wesley exhibit so much strength when he is obviously dealing with a very traumatic experience is a reminder of why we all love him so much.

GayHub is like family. It is painful that the demographic we aspire to represent is facing such adversity in their day-to-day lives. We just want to let Wesley know that we love him and are keeping him and his best friend in our thoughts as they work to restore their physical and mental health. No one deserves to be preyed on for their lifestyle choices. Our hope is that society will grow kinder as time continues to progress and we move forward to a utopia of equality and acceptance.



Kristopher Welcome

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